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Behavior and diet courses

Whether it is for behavior or diet, in case of concern we try everything possible, but a lot of the advice that is circulating does not work or only makes things worse. It is time to rectify the bad information through training , so that now the good recommendations are spread!


all age groups

Duration: 3 days


We are told that kibble cleans your teeth, that the mash makes you fat, that you should never give a cat bones, or even that veterinary kibbles are the best there is or that to protect the cat's kidneys, you don't need too much protein ...

There is a lot to review on diet.

For breeders

Duration: from 3 h to 1 day

BEHAVIOR of the cat

Many breeders are victims, for example, of urine outside the tank, degrading scratches, worries of cohabitation between cats or kittens which are a concern in their new family ...

We offer you various courses on targeted themes, adapted to the particularities of breeding.

For behaviorists

Duration: 1 day


Some behavioral concerns are intimately linked to food: PICA, compulsive licking, alopecia, etc., require knowledge of diet.

And urinary problems, overweight, digestive issues, etc., can also influence the results of your recommendations.

For shelters / associations

Duration: 1 day

BEHAVIOR of the cat

To come up

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