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Feline feeding advice

How to make my cat lose weight without being hungry or frustrated? What should you choose as food so that it sheds less hair? How can he stop having diarrhea? Is what I feed him really suitable for him? How to protect it from the risk of urinary problems? Is it true that it is better to give without cereals? Does choosing a well-known brand mean a guarantee of quality? ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Most subjects see each other in a standard interview, but

to find out what duration of maintenance is to be expected for you, contact us.

MINI entretien (SANS SUIVI)

Entretien ALIMENTATION du chat
(réponses à questions simples, aide au choix d'un aliment, explications rapides, ... Convient pour tout sujet vu rapidement, sans trop de calculs, travail ou recherches en amont nécessaire. 
Selon le type de demande, il se peut que la réponse nécessite plus de temps et il faudra choisir la formule "plus poussée" : me contacter.)

Durée : environ   1h à 1h30

(date à déterminer ensemble)


A distance par visioconférence


Prix de l'entretien : 49


En cas de maladie, seul le vétérinaire nutritionniste est compétent pour vous conseiller sur l'alimentation de votre chat

Exemples de sujets possibles :

Further maintenance


(see everything for a change in diet; preserve the urinary system; stressed, overweight and constipated cats, ...)

Duration: about 2h30

(date to be determined together)


Remotely by videoconference or telephone


Maintenance price: € 69


In case of illness, only the veterinary nutritionist is competent to advise you on the diet of your cat.

Exemples de sujets possibles :

Behavior + diet maintenance

BEHAVIOR and DIET advice

(For people who want to improve the diet at the same time as solving behavioral concerns; for behavior problems requiring a dietary change)

Duration: approximately 5h to 6h

(date to be determined together)


At home * (or by videoconference if too far away)


Maintenance price: 120 €


* possible travel costs in addition   


In the event of illness, only the nutritionist veterinarian is

competent to advise you on the diet of your cat

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